Praise for Goodnight Tender

“Country doesn’t care what chords you know or how many octaves you can squeak out; all it wants from you is a guitar, a strong, down-but-not-out voice, and absolute sincerity. Amy Ray gets this to her core, which is why Goodnight Tender is such a satisfying album.” - PopMatters

"...her roots clearly run deep into this music, enough so that these eleven originals and one obscure cover feel genuine, lived in and entirely authentic." - American Songwriter

“Ray's credibility as a country crooner is never in doubt." - Blurt Magazine

“Amy Ray has released the best country record this year.” - Stereo Subversion

“A modern day country classic from one of the most captivating voices in music.” - Pop Culture Beast – Garon’s Best of 2014

Denise Plumb

Creator of sorts.